Debt Management Unit (DMU)

The Debt Management Unit (DMU) was established in Finance Department to strength middle and back office functions. The DMU has a clear mandate for overall responsibilities for GoS (Government of Sindh) debt portfolio management. This includes:

  • Debt evaluation
  • Financial negotiation in coordination with P&D
  • Settlement and reporting

DMU is also responsible to prepare key quarterly statistics for aggregate debt portfolio. The unit is also involved in various reform activities that include:

  • Bi-Annual Debt Bulletin
  • Sindh External Debt Management Manual
  • Annual Debt Sustainability Analysis
  • Debt Management System
  • Sindh Medium Term Debt Management Strategy
1 Sindh Debt Bulletin 30-06-2023 Download
2 Debt Sustainability Analysis FY 2022-23 Download
3 Sindh Debt Bulletin 31-12-2022 Download
4 Sindh Debt Bulletin 30-06-2022 Download
5 Sindh Debt Bulletin 31-12-2021 Download
6 Sindh Debt Bulletin 30-06-2021 Download
7 Sindh Debt Bulletin 30-06-2020 Download
8 Sindh Debt bulletin 31-12-2019 Download
9 Sindh Debt bulletin 30-06-2019 Download
10 Sindh Debt bulletin 30-06-2018 Download
11 Sindh Debt bulletin 31-12-2017 Download
12 Sindh Debt bulletin 30-06-2017 Download
13 Debt Sustainability Analysis FY 2019-20 Download
14 Sindh External Debt Management Manual - version 1.1 Download
15 Standard Operating Procedures Manual - Debt Management Unit Download