Sindh Fund Management House (SFMH)

Sindh Fund Management House (SFMH) was established in 2007 as a unit of the Finance Department, Government of Sindh (GoS).

SFMH manages different investment funds of the Government of Sindh. Primarily these funds pertain to the Finance Department but also include other department funds, or funds of various GoS authorities.

The fund management concept gained ground not just because of efficient investment of surplus funds but it had one more dimension; that is, to set aside monies for certain projects that would be requiring funds in the near future. However, bulk of the investment funds (in number as well as size) are those pertaining to employee benefit schemes. The funds under management includes the following:

SFMH Act 2013
1 Sindh Fund Management House Act, 2013 Download

S.No Fund Name Year of Fund's Establishment
01 Sindh Alternative Energy Fund 2014
02 Investment Fund for Sindh Civil Servants Housing Foundation 2014
03 SPPRA Investment Fund 2013
04 Sindh Alternative Energy Fund 2014
05 Education City Fund 2012
06 Sindh Government Employees Group Ins Fund 2012
07 Endowment Fund for Peoples’ Primary Healthcare Initiative 2012
08 Sindh Coal Development Fund 2011
09 Sindh Flood Relief Fund 2010
10 Sindh Project Development Facility 2009
11 Provincial Disaster Management Fund 2009
12 Sindh Agriculture Supplies Organization (SASO) Pensioner’s Fund 2008
13 Peoples’ Housing Cell Fund 2008
14 Viability Gap Fund 2008
15 Sindh General Provident Investment Fund 2007
16 Sindh Social Relief Fund 2006
17 Sindh Province Pension Fund 2002